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1.   What should I bring?

-  Suggested items to bring include but are not limited to: sunscreen, water, bug repellent and footwear appropriate for weather

2.   Are restrooms available on site?

-  Yes, we have portable restrooms available

3.   Is there a picnic area on site?

-  Picnic tables can be found on the northwest side of the main building

4.   How many blueberries are available to be picked?

-  There are 45 acres to pick from, and no areas or rows are designated specifically for picking. You are welcome to pick wherever you'd like.

5.   What are the method of payment options?

-  Cash and check

6.   What size orders are available?

-  We can accommodate any size order. For orders larger than 50 lbs. please call ahead 1-2 business days prior to pickup. This 1-2 day notice allows us complete your order prior to your arrival.

7.   When does the season start, and how long does it last?

-  The typical start for the season is the first week of July. The length of the season is dependent on the weather and can be relatively short. With ideal weather, the season can last until September 1. Drought and excessive heat can shorten the season by a month. Please call ahead!

8.  Recipes
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